Sometimes conifers can fool you

I was out in the garden this weekend getting some of the perennials cleaned up and “tucked in” for winter. I had been bent over trimming and digging and generally having a great time in the rare autumn sun (yes, our sky had turned from shades of grey to a beautiful blue color). I layed on my back in the cool grass for a moment with the sun on my face when I happened to glance across the garden to see a dwarf fir that I did not remember planting. I jumped to my feet (ha!) Well, I managed to get up and walk over for a closer view.

Picea abies 'Motala'

“That’s no fir,” I thought to myself.

It was my new Picea abies ‘Motala.’ I just aquired this beauty in the spring and planted it in a space to give it some room to fill out over the next several years. In the mean time, some “filler” perennials and grasses had pretty much obscured it from my view.

One thing that really interested me in ‘Motala’ was it’s unique needle arrangment and the way the needles all radiate outward much like an Abies pinsapo. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one will develop.

Thanks to my friends at Iseli Nursery for the photo.

Conifer Lover


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