Favorite conifer?

People often ask me what my favorite conifer is. I’ll tell them that it’s  too difficult to come up with just one. So they’ll tell me to pick my favorite genus – again too hard to do!

I’ll start to think about Chamaecyparis, for example, and some of my favorite cultivars, then I’ll be reminded how great the Tsugas are and I’ll picture some favorites in my mind. It goes on and on for a while, from genus to genus and then I find myself back where I started!

Please don’t ask me to single out any one conifer – I love them all!

Conifer Garden

If you ever find yourself in Oregon, you will want to visit the Oregon Garden in Silverton. Overall the garden is still fairly young, but the conifer garden is definately worth a visit. Take the family and enjoy a very pleasent day – And hey, you try to pick just one favorite!

Thanks to my friends at Iseli Nursery for the photo link.

Conifer Lover


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