A break from conifers

I’ve got to tell you about an exciting garden plant that is sure to please almost eveyone. My wife loves it for its variegated holly-like foliage which she uses during the holidays in her decorating. I love it for its multi-season appeal and nearly care-free maintenance. Others love it because it is deer resistant and not bothered by other pests.

Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'

Although Osmanthus heterophylla ‘Goshiki’ is not a conifer, I do love it. With its holly shaped variegated leaves emerging with pinkish tones and maturing to golden yellow and green and its manageable growth rate, I think it should have a home in every garden. A very versatile plant, ‘Goshiki’ is suitable grown in containers, the rockery or allowed to grow large in wide open spaces. If you desire to keep it small, it responds well to heavy annual shearing.

From a distance, ‘Goshiki’ will appear as a golden mound or broad pyramid. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the delightful patterns of color on each leaf and that their shape is similar to, but not quite as sharply pointed as holly.

Leaf close up

Evergreen, hardy to zone 6 and limited only by the gardener’s imagination, ‘Goshiki’ is useful in a formal, casual or whimsical garden and it could be an accent, hedge or featured specimen. Did I mention that I love it?

Conifer Lover

Thanks to my friends at Iseli Nursery for the photo links.

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