Ever see a cold Mushroom?

We recently had a hint of warm weather. I spent the day planting some new containers for the patio garden and planted a few flats of flower seeds for my wife. I was hoping that we were going to move out of our late winter weather pattern, but the latest word is that we can expect snow showers on the valley floor this weekend! We’ve been holding at temperatures 10 degrees or more below our average, so that one warm day last weekend was welcome indeed.

Many conifers will change colors from their normal greens to shades of plum and bronze during the winter. This is a nice additional feature to my conifer garden and its four seasons of color. I’ve been expecting those color changing specimens to return to their green color, and I am surprised to see so many of them refusing to turn. One that really stood out to me today is Cryptomeria japonica ‘Mushroom’.

Cryptomeria japonica 'Mushroom'

‘Mushroom’ is a nice little Japanese Cedar with a compact habit that mounds into the shape of a large mushroom cap. During the growing season and until temperatures drop in late autumn, ‘Mushroom’ is a very lively green. With the drop in temperature, it takes on an orange bronze color that actually brightens our cold gray days here. Today as I was taking a stroll through my garden, I realized that I wasn’t the only one feeling the cold – my ‘Mushroom’ still had its winter color as if it was January!

I really am looking forward to the warmer days of spring and the color change that several of my conifers will make back to their lively green colors. C’mon spring!

Conifer Lover

Thanks to Iseli Nursery for the use of their photos!

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