New Conifer Garden

The past two months I have been incredibly busy consulting in the construction of a huge new display garden at Iseli Nursery. They have expanded their existing gardens that border the main office to include an additional 40,000 square feet of garden with meandering paths, splashes of new turf and a small “hidden” space with a water feature. With over 350 new plants not previously displayed, this new garden is a conifer lover’s dream

New display garden at Iseli Nursery
New display garden at Iseli Nursery

I had the honor of laying out the flow and topography of the garden and worked with others in the plant selection. A garden this size is an absolutely huge undertaking. With a crew fluctuating from 5 to 10 workers, this new garden was completed in under four months. Hard work has its rewards and the reward I have is the joy of relaxing in the garden now that it is finished. I have hundreds of new plants to consider for my own garden and the folks at Iseli have a tremendous new tool to introduce their wholesale customers to more plants than ever before.

Conifer Lover


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