A gaggle of garden writers

Although I was unable to attend the recent Garden Writers Symposium held in Portland, Oregon this past weekend, I understand it was a great event. The garden writers in attendance were offered an assortment of informative classes and tours of local private and public gardens and two wholesale nurseries.

I was disappointed that I was not available on Sunday when the group visited the display gardens at Iseli Nursery. Regretfully, I had a previously scheduled engagement that prevented me from being there to meet many fellow garden enthusiasts. I know that some of these folks hadn’t had much experience with dwarf conifers in the past and have always believed that they needed flowering plants to give color to their gardens

Picea pungens Pendula featured in the new garden
Picea pungens 'Pendula' featured in the new garden

I’m excited because now many more gardening friends have been introduced to the 12 months of color that conifers can provide. The variety of color, texture, shape, and size is phenomenal! I’m sure as these folks return to their gardens full of perennials and begin the end of the season clean-up chores, they may begin to consider the many benefits of low-maintenance dwarf conifers.

I think that during the winter months while I’m sipping tea next to my woodstove and overlooking my beautiful and colorful garden, others will begin dreaming of including dwarf and colorful conifers in their own gardens next year.

Conifer Lover


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