Eye-popping color

The colors this autumn are fantastic! Our little storm blew through rather quickly, and today I see sunshine and blue sky! As the sun comes up and begins to illuminate parts of my garden, I can see a blaze of color in the spotlight. It’s really quite a sight, the intense reds and orange of the leaves shimmering in the light breeze and sparkling with morning dew.

Fall Color - Fothergilla gardenii
Fall Color - Fothergilla gardenii

Fothergilla gardenii is a great companion to my conifers. In autumn, its foliage color is simply spectacular, but that is not this plant’s only redeeming feature. Early in spring, the plant becomes covered with creamy white, bottle brush shaped flowers at the ends of the branches. The flowers last for several weeks and then rich green foliage covers the plant through the summer months.

Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Now the sun has risen enough to raise the lights on the entire stage of my garden, but even without being in the spotlight, Fothergilla gardenii, provides some of the best eye-popping color in my autumn garden.

Conifer Lover

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