Sugar coated conifers

We had another little snowstorm breeze through the other day. It was one of those kinds of snows that we typically get here in the Willamette Valley (unlike that big snowfall we had in December of ’08). This time, there was just enough snow to powder coat the conifers in my garden as with sugar. I remember a year ago, I wrote in the blog about the snow looking like it was whipped cream plopped over the garden. I wonder if there is a trend developing?

Sugar coated conifers
Sugar coated conifers

The December snow was beautiful and it did make for an interesting landscape, but it did bury all but my largest conifers. This little dusting was just enough to make nice highlights in the garden. What I particularly enjoyed was the way the snow enhanced my container garden.

Miniature conifers make great container plants. In my climate, I rarely become concerned with the temperatures dropping low enough for a long enough period of time to wreck havoc on my ceramic pots. Years ago, I would plant annuals and occasionally perennials in my containers. One day it occurred to me that my containers could be enjoyed all year long if I planted them with dwarf and miniature conifers!

Now my patio is becoming nearly as full as the rest of my garden as I fill more and more of its space with containers of all kinds filled with diminutive conifers and companion plants. My patio is a great place to display these containers with their year-round color and texture provided by conifers.

Conifer Lover

Thanks to my friends at Iseli for the photo!


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