Last night, as my wife was enjoying the dancing styles of Donny, Mya and Kelly, I was sitting next to the woodstove with a warm herbal tea and a pile of conifer catalogs that I have accumulated over the past few years. My catalog collection is of great value to me. Full of plant photos and descriptions, my notes written in the margins of the pages, plants circled and starred, I’ve turned my collection of catalogs into an analog version of my own personal plant Wikipedia.

Happy Thanksgiving to my gardening friends!
Happy Thanksgiving to my gardening friends!

Even though the economy is a challenge, and like many people I’ve needed to tighten my budget and cut back on frivolous spending, I have made sure that I have a New Conifer section in the budget plan. I am thankful that my wife has always been very patient with my conifer expenditures since, after all, my hobby does keep me close to home and we do love to garden together.

I’m thankful that we live in a country with a rich history of freedom with a Constitution and Bill of Rights to guide our leaders. I’m thankful that we have a strong military filled with young, dedicated men and women willing to risk their lives so that I may enjoy those freedoms. I’m thankful for my family and friends and hope that my garden may inspire them to begin their own conifer gardens. I am thankful for the friends I am making as a result of this blog – may it be a positive and uplifting experience for my readers and may your gardens be a source of great joy for you and yours in the many years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Conifer Lover


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