Conifer loving friends

Dear readers – Just a quick note today to say THANKS for the support and encouraging words. I just noticed that this post will count as my 101st blog entry! I am amazed that there have been nearly 111,000 views to the blog in the 28 months of its life.

I’d like to point out a few new features I’ve added over the past few months that you may find useful.

First is the SEARCH tool at the top right menu. If you are seeking information on specific conifers or gardening topics within my blog, I think you will find this search tool quite handy.

Second, if you would like to be alerted by email when I’ve made a new post, you can click the SIGN ME UP button. Although this is an automated service provided by, your email address is recorded in my admin page. I promise you, I will never share your email address with anyone. I dislike SPAM as much as you do.

That’s all for now – the sun is shining – I’m heading out to the garden!

Conifer Lover


2 thoughts on “Conifer loving friends

  1. Am looking for a retail source for Chamaecyparis obtusa “Lucas”. Can’t find one using a google search. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  2. Hi Bill – I think ‘Lucas’ may still be very rare in the trade. You might try asking the folks that hang out at the Conifer forum at The Garden Web (link to the right).


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