Tea time?

I thought today would be one of those lazy days where I would enjoy my garden from my favorite chair near the woodstove. Cup of tea in hand and a few of my favorite conifer books by my side, my plan was to remain warm and dry while dreaming of new conifers and where I might plant them. The morning was going as planned until I began to feel a little restless.

First I noticed that my foot was keeping fast tempo to music that was not playing. I got out of my chair and walked over to my window and noticed that several of my Picea abies and P. glauca cultivars were definitely beginning to push their new bright green spring growth. I sat back down, but I couldn’t keep my mind off of going outside and playing with my conifers.

“It’s just too stinking cold outside” I told myself.

Maturing Container Garden
Dwarf and miniature conifers and companions maturing nicely in a high quality ceramic pot.

Then I remembered my recent purchase of a few of those cute little conifers in the four inch pots that I picked up last week when the weather was nice. I was at the opening day of one of my favorite garden centers. I like to pop in on the first day of the season just to get a peak at some of the new plants fresh from the growers. I had no intention to make a purchase, but those little conifers are so cute, and I can always use more mixed conifer containers on the patio.

Out I go to the potting shed with my big heavy coat, my new little conifers and a couple companion plants to see what I can come up with. My favorite pot lady had a great sale on her excellent ceramic pots a few weeks ago, so I was all set.

I had a great time – even if I was a little cold – placing my new plants with a couple decorative rocks in a nice earth-toned pot. I’m looking forward to the little surprise I will have for my wife when she returns home in an hour or two. In the meantime, now that I’ve spent some quality time in my miniature garden, I am feeling quite satisfied here next to the woodstove. Time to brew another cup of tea.

Conifer Lover

2 thoughts on “Tea time?

  1. As a gardener, conifers are the last thing I think of. After reading your post and enjoying the picture above, I think I’ll reconsider what is going in my garden this year.


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