Elegant whimsy

Back in 2007, the American Conifer Society awarded two fantastic conifers with the status, “Conifer of the Year.” Picea orientalis ‘Tom Thumb’ is a golden miniature form discovered as a witches’ broom growing on P.o. ‘Skylands’. I mentioned it in one of the first blogs I wrote in October of that year. The second selection is perhaps one of the best upright growing, weeping forms of spruce you will find.

Picea omorika ‘Pendula Bruns’ is one of those trees that always turns heads because of the wonderful character it adds to the garden. This narrow upright grower, as it matures, will begin to slightly lean and curve and gently twist its way upward in a very narrow spire that will fit in the smallest gardens. As its terminal growth heads ever skyward, all of its side branches will droop and fall toward the ground. Once on the ground, those lower branches will begin to spread and layer upon one another creating a low ground cover. Of course, with a little pruning, those lower branches can easily be removed if one prefers other companion plants beneath this elegant living garden sculpture.

Picea omorika 'Pendula Bruns'
‘Pendula Bruns’ is an exceptional selection for the garden. Its narrow footprint and unique character make it one of the best weeping conifers available.

I love its light green foliage and the silvery cast of the undersides of the needles. At times its form reminds me of an old wizard, standing with a slight bend to his posture, while watching over the garden and all its inhabitants. I’ve seen others planted in groups of three that have appeared as snake-like creatures dancing to the secret tune of a snake charmer. Others inspire different imaginations depending on the angle with which one views the garden. Once I saw a large specimen planted near a Pinus densiflora ‘Umbraculifera’ and from a distance the two looked like a giant mastodon.

I hope you’ll have an opportunity to enhance your garden (and stimulate your imagination) by planting at least one ‘Pendula Bruns’ in your garden. I’m confident that you’ll love this hardy, elegant and whimsical conifer as much as I do.

Conifer Lover

5 thoughts on “Elegant whimsy

  1. Hi Ed,
    I too have this amazing conifer in my garden. I love it. The only problem I have had is that about two winters ago the rabbits decided it was a very tasty treat. They stripped about 1/3 of the needles off the tree. I am happy to say it has bounced back and has lots of new growth. I now wrap it in the winter to protect it from the hungry rabbits.


    1. Hi Candace!

      As your tree gets larger, you’ll hardly notice that you’ve helped feed the bunnies all winter. ;^) As a smaller tree, I know the damage can be devestating. Great idea to provide some protection in the winter. I am thankful that I don’t have too many hungry rabbits or deer in my garden. I know people in other areas where deer are real pests.


  2. My mom calls them “dr. seuss trees” and thinks they’re a bit odd but I think they add a different character to the garden. Very much enjoying my weeping norway spruce!


    1. Hi Rudy!

      I hope your mom likes Dr. Seuss as much as I do. Yes, the weeping Norway is another great conifer, full of character! I saw a new weeping spruce a couple weeks ago when I was on my cone hunting adventure. Still small, but I’ll definately be checking back on that one.


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