Many Thanks!

Just a quick post to thank all you readers for stopping by and letting me share my passion with you. I truly appreciate your readership and am encouraged by your comments, both here and at the Facebook page.

If you do find value in my words, I would be especially thankful if you took just a moment or two to post a note. Let me know what you are thankful for too.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Conifer Lover


24 thoughts on “Many Thanks!

  1. I love receiving your email notifications about your blog in my inbox. They are always a welcome read.
    You have contributed to my landscape and to many other landscapes through me. I work as a landscape designer and I often use your suggestions in the gardens I design. I love conifers and believe they are the bones of the garden.
    Keep the great blog entries coming!


  2. Ed… yours is without a doubt my favorite blog… I look forward to seeing it every time it comes up in my e-mail!! I just posted a short article regarding the things I am personally thankful for on my blog this morning at
    It is things like conifers and gardening that keep me as excited as a child at Christmas and always looking to the future despite ongoing health issues… gardening is one of the greatest blessings in my life, but only one of many! I’ve spent many evenings perusing conifer sites in preparation for my spring orders, and your postings have influenced my choices greatly! Thank you, Larry


  3. Thank you for sharing your passion. I always look forward to your posts. In almost 50 years of gardening, I am so thankful for a lifetime of incredible relationships forged through a common love of playing in the dirt… Happy Holidays!


  4. Ed Your blog is so inspiring and has greatly influenced my choice of conifers. You have opened up a whole new world in my garden, thank you,


  5. Hi Ed, I just recently subscribed to your blog and I’m glad I did. Enjoy the writing as well as the great photos. ‘My Favorite Cousin’ led me to get a ‘Blue Rug’ juniper and stake it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    What am I thankful for? So many things – family, friends, health, freedom. So much information at my fingertips on this computer. A love of plants which gets me up and out into nature. Keep up the inspirational work.


  6. Ed, I always dig your blog! Always the right length, great pictures, and a rare lens aimed on one of my favorite subjects: conifers!



  7. Hi Ed,

    I am relatively new to conifers and to your blog. I have really enjoyed your posts. We are in the Atlanta area and have added a large conifer bed this past year. We just joined the American Conifer Society. Also toured Cox Gardens, a beautiful private arboretum in Canton,Georgia. They have a great website, and the owner,Tom Cox, a past President of the American Conifer Society, tests a lot of conifers for this area. I highly recommend his website as well as touring his gardens if you are in the area.


  8. Hello Ed,

    Thanks so much for sharing your love of conifers through this blog. As a serious bonsai hobbyist I started looking at your blog from a bonsai point of view, but now you have shown me that there can be beautiful plant specimens that are not in pots! Although when I get a house most of the yard will consist of bonsai, I hope to add some nice Iseli Japanese Maple and Conifer specimens to fill in the empty spaces! Thanks for all your lovely pictures and posts, you are truly contributing to the world of conifers and the people who love them.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  9. Love your comments. Hoping to collect enough knowledge about conifers and especially about dwarf conifers to get the Park Board in Grand Forks, ND to put a dwarf conifer garden in Grand Forks.


  10. Hello Ed,
    It was a big delight to discover your blog. I can’t wait every week your post to see what wonder you will share with us. I live in Romania and it’s quite difficult for me to find many of the conifers you enjoy. But some, after a meticulous search and quite a big shipping effort, rest in my yard now.
    Keep on make us dreaming!


  11. I too am a conifer lover, I began buying the dwarf and differant variations of conifers because I grow bonsai and thought some may be good bonsai. I got so many and found some too good to limit the beautiful growth so I planted a conifer bed and started adding them to my perrenial beds for the winter interest. The flower beds are kind of sparse here in our zone 5 winter period and they add alot of beauty and shape. Needless to say I have found some to be more hardy and stand up to our Northern Indiana winters better than others. I am enjoying the display and the learning process of the conifer mutations that I have tried, and will keep trying. Thanks for the postings and the beautiful photos of the many I wish to try. John


    1. John, I appreciate your comments! Conifers are a perfect solution for a landscape full of year-round color and interest – especially in harsh climates like yours.


  12. Your articles and comments are excellent—I always look forward to receiving them. I especially enjoy the photos. Keep them coming!!


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