See you next year!

Just quick note to wish you all a Happy and Joy-filled Christmas Holiday Season! Pop on over to the Facebook page and say “Hi” to one another there until I return!

See you in 2011!

Conifer Lover

4 thoughts on “See you next year!

  1. HAppy Holidays Ed,
    Thanks for all the great conifer info and inspirational ideas. I hope 2011 is full of healthy new green friends for you.
    Merry Christmas Kim


  2. I have a question I hope you can answer. I am a grower of conifers in Maryland. I most ways, I’m still a novice, though I seem to have a knack. Here’s my question. When I see an odd growth coming off of a plant, how can I tell if it’s a sport or a reversion. I should know this, but I’m pretty much self taught and sometimes the only way to learn is to ask questions. Alot of guys at some of the established nurseries don’t seem to like to give up information, as if they’re guarding trade secrets. I was hoping you could help. Thank you. Michal Dennis M & W Nursery New Windsor, MD


    1. Hi Michal – If an odd growth develops on a cultivar that looks like the species, then it is a reversion, if it has characteristics different than the species or the cultivar it is mutating out of, it is a sport (or possibly a witches broom). Some sports are viable and will reproduce, others will not. Some are worthy of further observation, others may not be. If you discover a mutated growth, watch it for at least a year, if it continues to hold true and has desirable characteristics, it may be worth propagating.


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