Thanksgiving feast

Hand Turkey

I trust you all had a very pleasant Thanksgiving holiday last week and I presume most of you have traditions that have been passed down through the generations and have morphed as families split and merge.

One tradition that remains very popular with most of the folks I know involves family and friends getting together for the big Thanksgiving meal. In our family, the host will provide the turkey and dressing and a side dish or two, while the guests will bring a favorite side dish or dessert. I must say, I was quite pleased with all the fixin’s at the table this year.

First and foremost, is the ‘Butter Ball’ turkey which roasted slowly in the oven. One guest was feeling adventurous and wanted  to cook a ‘Rhode Island Red’ with the rotisserie grill on the patio, which worked out quite well since we had a very nice ‘Sherwood Flame.’ Since the grill was going, another guest insisted upon adding a ‘Blue Snake’ to the menu, and I was just happy that he had removed all of its ‘Blue Feathers’ before serving. By this time, I decided that it was time for something to drink and I added a ‘Lemon Twist’ for good flavor.

I also enjoyed a tasty ‘Heather Bun’ with dinner and although I thought the ‘Mushroom’ was ‘Just Dandy’, one guest had a bad reaction and was running from one end of the house to the other screaming something about being chased by a ‘Black Dragon.’

Happy TurkeyAll in all, I think the meal was a great success and shortly after I ate my ‘Mint Truffle,’ I curled up on the couch like a ‘Fat Cat’ while my wife got out her ‘St. Mary’s Broom’ and insisted that she begin to clean up before she sat down on her ‘Golden Tuffet.’

I hope your holiday was a success as well.

Conifer Lover


11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving feast

  1. Hi Ed,

    Hi Ed,

    A crafty way of intergrating conifers into a Thanksgiving post.

    The Pice abies ‘Fat Cat’ cultivar is a superb specimen. I have never seen that one for sale by Iseli on the open market. I’ll have to check with my nursery friend/buyer who orders large amounts of Iseli conifers if he can get me one for my conifer collection.






    1. Hi Dave – ‘Fat Cat’ is relatively new and I would think in low supply, so I think you are on the right track putting in a special order with your supplier, although I wouldn’t be surprised at this late date, that you might need to wait until next season.


  2. Very nice! As a recent intern at a local parks district, I got to create a design for a golf course parking lot! I had a boatload of compact conifers in the plant palette. Alas, couldn’t convince them!


      1. Read: $$$ and budget. I believe I have planted a seed, so to speak!

        I left your website on that computer as a saved place! I’m also volunteering there now that I’m finished with the internship, so have more opportunities for subliminal teaching!


  3. Truly a creative and enjoyable post Ed… thanks for sharing! By the way… I tried to download the conifer slide show from Iseli onto my computer but alas, it doesn’t work on a Mac… any chance of your friends putting it in a form that would be available to conifer loving Mac folks like myself?


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