Every new year brings new possibilities

I think it was pretty good planning on the part of those ancient calendar makers to have the new year begin in the dead of winter. From this aspect, everything seems possible. Plans can be made, changes implemented, wrongs can be set right. The new year brings endless possibilities in life – and in the garden.

Happy New Year!

My friends at Iseli Nursery created a printed, limited edition, 2012 calendar for their current wholesale customers. They have also made available to the rest of us, a beautiful PDF version of that calendar, which is available to download from their website. I’m happy that I hadn’t already purchased a calendar for the new year, because I printed this one out, taped it together at home, and it looks great!

My hope for the new year is that more and more folks will begin to use my favorite dwarf, miniature (and full-size) conifers in their garden projects. Seriously, how else can you fill a garden with such a diverse pallet of year-round color, structure, texture and wildlife habitat?

See you next year!

Conifer Lover

5 thoughts on “Every new year brings new possibilities

  1. The calendar is lovely…thank you for letting us know it was available….I sent Iseli an email thanking them for sharing with us non- wholesalers(we are the real customers anyway 🙂 ) Happy New Year !!


    1. Hi Mary – I’m happy that you sent Iseli an email – I think they need to hear positive words from us regular folks once in a while. Like you say, the home gardeners are the “real customers”.


  2. Thanks for letting us know about the calendar! It has such great photography. I can’t wait to expand my conifer collection next year and my Iseli Nursery conifers are my favorites.


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