Golden light or dark snowy skies

They’ve been warning us for days now of the huge snowstorm that is going to blast us with several inches of snow down to the valley floor. For those of us who love a little snow from time to time, of course, want to believe. Really, we do. Those of us who have lived in western Oregon for most of our lives have learned that usually the first or second panicked reports from our local news-casters are false alarms.

Sure, get the kids all hyped-up about snow and their heads filled with visions of days off school, building all kinds of snow sculptures, snowball fights, sledding, and in general, just having a great time! While parents, on the other hand, need to make child-care plans should the schools actually close. Sure, there are some snowflakes falling from the sky – if you are fortunate enough to find yourself above 500 feet in elevation – but it’s just a tease, it is not near cold enough to stick and accrue any reasonable accumulation.

Snowy Conifer Garden
The conifer garden looks fantastic in the midst of dark, stormy skies and a blanket of snow.

I would love to see my garden in a blanket of snow. What is it about a garden full of trees and shrubs, of all shapes and sizes, either sprinkled lightly or heavily covered in snow, that brings such a sense of peace and happiness? I haven’t had that pleasure since 2008, which turned out to be quite an unusual snow year for us with a big fluffy blanket of snow in January, and then again in December, in what possibly became the largest snow event in 40 years!

The Sunny Conifer Garden
The conifer garden glows in the low winter sun.

Winter in the conifer garden is a beautiful time of year. We have had one of the driest Decembers in recent memory, and with that dryness, we actually had many days that were filled with sunshine! Oh, how beautiful are the conifers, dressed in their winter colors with the low, golden winter sun illuminating the scene in a hue of warmth; which brings to the soul, hope of the coming spring.

OK local weather forecasters, just keep teasing us with promises of a big snow event, I’m ready to enjoy the transformation of beauty it will create in my garden. But, rain or shine, snow or silver thaw, the conifer garden will be a place of beauty to be enjoyed, not only by me, but by all the critters that have made this little garden their home.

Conifer Lover

4 thoughts on “Golden light or dark snowy skies

  1. We are a floral and gift shop. We just purchased several of the fairy garden items, benches, arbors, buckets, etc. we were told about your plants. I would like some information on the little plants that could be used with these items.

    Thank you

    Your name was given to us by The Fidlehead Fairy Garden Co.


    1. Hi Judy – Yes, miniature and dwarf conifers are perfect to create delightful gardens of all kinds. You might do a search (keywords such as: miniature conifers, fairy garden, container garden) here on my blog to discover many ways of using these delightfully slow-growing plants with the little items you have already purchased.

      I have forwarded your business information to the kind folks at Iseli, they should be able to help you out with stocking up on just the right products for your projects.


  2. Ed, We had @ 4″ of snow over the weekend, one of those snows that hangs on the tree branches for a few days, and I was noticing as I was driving around how different many of the conifers look with an icing of snow. It made the ‘usual’ look totally breathtaking.


    1. I love when the snow hangs on the tree branches! My Japanese maples were so beautiful with snow sticking to and totally covering every branch. Ours lasted only a few hours, but they were spectacular hours!


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