And I thought the Flower Girl was a tough sell

I have been friends with a gentleman for quite a number of years. He and I hit if off fairly quickly way back when our wives worked together in a small private school. Since that time, we have been through good times and difficult times which included a painful divorce and eventual re-marriage for my friend.

His new wife is a treasure – except, perhaps, for her inherent dislike for anything conifer.

I was excitedly telling my friend that I had some great new conifers to share with him. These are some of the extras from my hobby grafting of a couple years ago. His eyes grew large and he stood tall in his 6’2″ frame as I described the cultivars I had for him, then all at once he slumped with a look of sadness.

Summer Conifer Garden
How in the world could anyone not like conifers?

“I’ve given my wife full control of the garden, and I’m in charge of any house remodeling.”

“Yeah… okay…. So, where is she, I can’t wait to tell her what I’ve got for you guys!” I said, wondering why the sudden change of countenance.

“She likes flowers” He stated.

“Cool! Me too, so wher-” he cut me off mid-word.

“No, you don’t get it, she ONLY likes flowers… well, and flowering trees. She says conifers are… here she is now!” he stopped short and turned the conversation back over to me.

Now, I must say that I thought I had a hard sell with my friend, the Flower Girl, who I have known for many years and she and I do kid around a lot about our love of conifers vs. flowers, but this woman was something else entirely. I was not at all surprised when her first comments of dislike were expressed with descriptive words like, “dull green”, “prickly”, and “huge”, but when she got to, “stinky”, I must admit I believe my mouth dropped open as I stared ahead, wordless.

She was busily on her way out when we had our brief encounter, but I told that our conversation was not over yet and that we would duel again on this subject. In the meantime, I think I’ll just up-pot these plants for my friend and hold them another year. That will give me time to work out my strategy of attack to convince this dear woman of the amazing beauty of dwarf, colorful and low-maintenance conifers.

Conifer Lover

10 thoughts on “And I thought the Flower Girl was a tough sell

  1. Show her the new growth in spring: how Abies a. ‘Pusch’s cones look like little rosebuds…how Picea p. ‘Gebelle’s Golden Spring’ has new growth that looks like Abies arnoldiana ‘Poulsen’s cones resemble purple tulips…how the candles on a Pinus t. ‘Thunderhead’ look like gladiola…the list is endless!
    Keep fighting the good fight…
    Sara and Jan


  2. Hard to believe anyone couldnt see the beauty in conifers,if his wife won’t budge on this matter,send them my way,lol,I’d appreciate and love each one of them.


  3. Stinky=junipers! Perhaps she needs to start with the breathtaking cones. Ed, you are the person for this job! You did it for me, you will do it for her!


  4. Stinky does not necessarily mean Junipers, nor does prickly. Find a Juniperus X media “shimpaku” from Iseli nursery for her. No smell, no juvenile foliage, slow growing and maybe someday she may even get into Bonsai as this is a favorite for growing in pots.


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