A new year, a new life – let’s get started!

The cold east wind has returned to my corner of the Pacific Northwest and although it does bring a break from the rain, bright sunshine and deep blue skies, it also brings wind gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour. Travel a few miles to the south and the wind is but a breeze, a few miles farther and the windless sunshine feels warm through the crisp, cold ambient temperature.

Even during the very crisp and cold days of winter, the conifer garden looks alive!

Today’s walk through my garden is bittersweet. I am bundled and warm enough, but this will be one of my last walks through this garden. Life does not always march in step with the plans we make, and I find myself nearing the end of my stewardship of this little acre. It has been great transforming this once ordinary yard of some older trees and a lot of lawn to mow, into a garden which not only filled hearts with joy in all who strolled the paths, but also became home to an assortment of critters from birds and squirrels to a small lizard with the occasional passing raccoon and opossum (and of course, the neighbor’s cat who enjoyed this sanctuary away from the large dog in his own yard). Fortunately, I know that I will have gardening opportunities in the future and I look forward to sharing those adventures with you all here.

Of course, I will continue to have the pleasure and honor of strolling through the Jean Iseli Memorial Garden and I am confident that I will continue to learn a great deal from my friends at Iseli and apply that knowledge to my own future garden and new conifer collection.

May 2015 become a great new gardening year!

Conifer Lover

13 thoughts on “A new year, a new life – let’s get started!

  1. Dear Ed,
    Leaving a garden is hard, no matter the reason, and no matter that you will begin again elsewhere. It’s true bittersweet when new opportunity requires leave-taking. Your blog is warm, inviting, and beautiful, and I’m glad it will continue.


  2. My condolances on your last walk in your garden, I am sure that with the love you have for your conifers that the memories will remain instilled in your memories forever.God bless you .I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs and photos through the years.i will miss your gardens also.


    1. Jessica, thank you so much for you kind words. Just as a reminder for you and others reading, most of the garden photos we have all enjoyed on my blog are of the Jean Iseli Memorial Garden. Although I have labored for years and enjoyed my garden, it is nothing compared to the garden at Iseli! I have been and will continue to be honored to feature their photos on my blog.


      1. So glad to hear we will still hear from you and get to see Iseli plants. I have had the honor for about the last 15 years of working at 2 different garden centers and I was the buyer of trees and shrubs and thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave Gommell and Julie of Iseli nursery and getting to know some of the outstanding conifers that Iseli grows that would do good in our Z7 garden here in North Carolina.When we started bringing in their plants our customers just raved over them and they would literally fly out of the garden center.they were indeed gorgeous,new and exciting to say the least. Our garden center is no longer open but I still like to think that because of Iseli plants that there are many a gardens in NC that are shining beautifully with these plants anchored in our soil.I garden for year round interest and love being able to walk out in my garden in the dead of winter and see these gems….Carry on , from another conifer lover.


  3. Ed, I am so grateful for all that you have shared of your beautiful conifers in your garden. I hope that it helps you to leave this garden knowing you have really multiplied its beauty a thousand-fold or more by sharing! I am a relatively new landscape designer here in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, and I preach conifer use whenever I can, thanks in part, to all I have seen and read here. So your landscape lives on! I always like to think of these turns-of-events in our lives as a way to make us see that our gardens may now be needed for something else in the universe, and to be cared for by someone else. We have no idea why, but I hope it will make itself known to you. You are a wonderful educator and I have enjoyed your humor along the way as well! So thanks…and I hope you can at least take a few of your potted conifers along–for when you need a friendly, familiar face!


    1. Beverly, Thank you so much, your words are very encouraging. I look forward to finding a new garden to create or enhance. Who knows, maybe I will just help out some of my friends with their garden designs and construction for a season. I do look forward to sinking my hands into my own soil and creating a space of my own again! Yes, I certainly will be taking all my container gardens with me!


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