Silberperle: a real garden gem

When I first procured my very own Abies koreana ‘Silberperle’ I was so excited. I hurried home to my garden to find just the right place to plant it. This miniature conifer is such a wonderful little garden gem. The plant grows as a small green globe with very prominent white resin coated buds. They look like tiny pearl ornaments scattered among the green and white needles. So, I found the perfect place for my new treasure in the rock garden and have been enjoying it for several years.


Just the other day – and I don’t know how I’ve missed it all these years – I stumbled across an old specimen of ‘Silberperle’ in one of the display gardens at Iseli Nursery. This plant was just over 30 inches tall and about one foot in diameter. It formed a wonderful tiny conically shaped tree. My own little specimen is much smaller and hasn’t developed a dominant leader yet, but seeing this old one at Iseli, I am looking forward to watching mine develop over the next several years.

Old specimen

Many thanks to my friends at Iseli for the photo links!

Conifer Lover