Garden naps and artistic revelation

We have been enjoying one of the longest stretches of absolutely beautiful summer weather here in our corner of the Pacific Northwest. The cool mornings, warm, dry days and pleasant evenings have enabled us to enjoy our garden more than any time in recent memory. More than once I have found myself dosing off into a relaxed semi-slumber, while sitting in the garden, making an attempt to read a good book.

Allow your inner artist to be inspired by the great color and texture of conifers!

One of those times, while I was drifting in that dreamy state somewhere between sleep and consciousness, with my head nodding and my eyes drooping into tiny slits, allowing only an unfocused view of the garden surrounding me, I began to see the garden in an entirely new way. I began to see my garden more as an impressionist painting rather than the sharp details of reality. My perspective changed and visual distance was compressed making my view of the garden somewhat two-dimensional. All of the colors and textures of the plants seemed almost like daubs of paint, layer upon layer, with splotches of light and dark to give the composition some sense of depth.

It was quite a fascinating experience and it almost inspired me to jump up and dig out my old painting supplies to make an attempt at recreating the scene on canvas. Laziness won out and I remained seated enjoying the scene as my consciousness moved from artistic revelation to calm jubilation and I drifted off into a delightful mid-summer’s nap.

May your garden naps fill your heart with joy.

Conifer Lover