The amazing colors of autumn

Yesterday the sunrise was incredible! I had a feeling when I crawled out of bed that the day was going to be a good one. I don’t know what it was – I just had a good feeling about the start of the day. I made my way out toward the kitchen for my morning tea, stopped by the picture window and began to draw the curtains open.

The intense colors of an autumn sunrise
Mt. Hood and the surrounding clouds glow with the intense colors of autumn.

There was just enough light in the sky that enabled me to see multiple layers of wispy clouds all around Mt. Hood. In mere moments, colors began to highlight just portions of some of the clouds. As I stood there watching, the colors became more and more intense as they saturated every bit of water vapor in the sky causing my entire field of view to glow in the most exquisite orange and yellow tones while the darkness of the early morning sky remained a blue-violet. As the sun continued its steady assent, the colors flowed and faded to lighter shades of yellow and the blues of the sky became brighter while my mountain morphed from a dark, cloud-capped silhouette to a glowing pyramid of yellow and gold.

The colors of autumn
The colors of autumn, from the sunrise to the leaves of trees, are all around us.

As the sun rose above the horizon and the amazing sunrise dissipated into the normal colors of day-time, I thought about how this autumn sunrise perfectly mimicked the soon-to-come intense autumn colors of deciduous foliage in my garden. Autumn is truly a spectacular time of year. With crisp, cool mornings, sunny days and starlit nights, this season has much to offer. Many deciduous trees all around my area are beginning to change into the amazing colors of the sunrise and the scent of apples and cinnamon and wood smoke fill the air. I’ll soon hear children laughing as they run and jump into the piles of leaves they just raked as their after-school chore and the sound of the firewood being split will be heard near and far.

Mt. Hood Sunrise
The colors fade from intense orange tones to soft yellows and gold.

All of these things suggest that autumn has truly arrived. As I sat near the window, cup of warm Earl Grey tea in my hand, cat rubbing itself against my shin, I knew that soon my entire garden will be ablaze in the glory of intense fall color. Then, as the cold winter winds and rain pound and blow the leaves away, my conifers will stand tall and proud as they become the prime features in the winter garden and bask in the sunrises to come.

Conifer Lover

2 thoughts on “The amazing colors of autumn

  1. What amaze me is the color of some conifers in the Fall.
    It’s always a surprise to see them changing color.
    It is a real challenge to know about the foliage changes to place them to optimize their beauty.
    I really like to take a walk into my garden to rediscover them.


    1. That is so true, Sue. I shouldn’t let all those beautiful maples steal my attention away from the great deciduous conifers that are doing their part to brighten my garden. The yellows and golds of the Larix, etc. are stunning right now!


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