This just in…

Thanks to the cool new statistics feature provided by Word Press, I’ve discovered that folks from 83 countries around the world are reading this little conifer blog. Now, THAT’s amazing!

Welcome Earthlings!


8 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. May I add my congrats as well and yes I do enjoy your blog very much! I’m busily moving conifers about the gardens as I investigate just how large they will actually get down the road… I sometimes wonder what I was thinking with some of the placements I’ve made in the past! Take care, Larry


  2. I really enjoy reading your blog Ed !! I must admit though sometimes I am very envious of not only your unbelieveable gorgeous gardens ,but also the diversity of specimens you have …….and one in particuliar……..I wish I could grow here in Rhode Island with success and that is the ” weeping giant sequoia ” …..I hate to say it ,but I’m secretly pulling for global warming so we can grow that variety here with success !!! …..thanks again ,…Craig


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