Higher wattage conifer

I recently planted seeds so that my wife will have her colorful flowers this summer and the Japanese maples will be in full glory in four or five weeks. In the meantime, my conifers provide the pizzazz needed to make our gray cloudy days a little brighter. Even though we are still a few weeks away from the explosion of color that the conifers will provide as they begin their push of new growth, one in particular really stands out right now.

Abies nordmanniana 'Golden Spreader'

Abies nordmanianna ‘Golden Spreader’ looks as though someone has recently replaced its 40 watt bulb with a 150! While other conifers whose golden color intensifies with the onset of winter are beginning to fade, ‘Golden Spreader’ provides the brightest color in my garden right now. I think every year it takes me a little by surprise as the garden is just waking up from its winters nap; my ‘Golden Spreader’ is not only awake, but has already had three cups of coffee! In a few weeks when it pushes fresh new growth, it will look fantastic in its setting near the green and blue conifers and a red Japanese maple.

With its low nest-type form, compact spreading habit, fantastic color and Zone 5 hardiness, I think ‘Golden Spreader’ will be a plant the garden centers will have a difficult time keeping in stock.

Conifer Lover