Urban gardener

I had an opportunity to visit an old friend at his condo in the city. My friend loves conifers and has been collecting them longer than I have. As we were chatting, and I was getting a tour of the place, we arrived at his balcony; a small space approximately four feet wide by twelve feet long with a wonderful view overlooking the city. The first thing I noticed were the containers filled with dwarf and miniature conifers.

Container Garden

He had turned his small patio into a container garden full of color. Being the end of March, with very little sign of life in the city, his containers filled with green and yellow and blue conifers were a delight. As we sat with warm cups of tea, we talked about the good old days and the great ones yet to come. As the sun moved around from behind a neighboring building, it warmed his little patio nicely and the colors of his conifers really came alive.

I’ve always told people that dwarf and miniature conifers are great for small spaces and year-round color. My friend put that same knowledge to good use and created a very pleasing space high above the busy streets below. I hope more urban dwellers will discover the joy of conifers and transform their balconies into colorful gardens too.

Conifer Lover

Thanks again to Iseli for the photo link!

4 thoughts on “Urban gardener

    1. Hi Harrison – Certainly there are plenty of conifers available to make this a reality even in your Zone 4-5. My concern would be the ability of the containers used to withstand your winter’s deep freeze. I suspect it would be wise to choose plants hardy to Zone-2-3 to compensate for the temperature difference in the root zones of plants in the ground compared to plants in containers.


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